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Find me here tonight ☺️


Find me here tonight ☺️

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Yoga for Runners!!

I have been getting a couple of asks about the kind of stretches for runners, so I have decided to do a yoga guide on this <: this is a great way to cool down and stretch out your leg muscles and hips after a good run!

1. Passive Standing Forward Bend

Holding on to opposite elbows and with your feet shoulder distance apart, slowly drape your torso over your legs. Slowly sway from side to side, opening up your hamstrings and calves. As you exhale, slowly deepen your stretch. 

2. Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend

Widening your stance, deepen your stretch by using your peace fingers to grab on to your big toes. As you exhale, pull your torso towards your legs, feeling a nice stretch at the back of your legs. 

3 & 4. Low Lunge & Lizard Pose

These are poses that help you stretch your hip flexors. For lizard pose, use a yoga block if it gets a little too intense for you. You do not have to get down on to your forearms. You can be on your palms if that feels good for you. 

5 & 6. Pigeon Pose & Mermaid Pose

Both are passive hip openers, so feel free to stay in your pigeon pose for as long as it feels good. You can also go into resting pigeon pose, with your torso draped over your front leg, resting on your forehead. 

If your hips feel open and good, come into a mermaid pose to stretch your sides and deepen the stretching of your hips. 

7, 8, and 9. Downward Dog & Three Legged Dog Variations

Downward dog is a great pose to stretch out your calves. As you come into your downward dog, try to melt your chest towards the ground, and make sure your arm pits are pointing towards the ground and not flayed outwards. Reach your back heel towards the ground, and you’ll feel a nice stretch on your calves. 

To deepen your stretch, come into the three legged dog. Feel free to open your hips in your three legged dog. This not only stretches your calves but also opens up your hips. 

10. Seated Forward Fold

End off with a seated forward fold. Try not to round your back too much by shifting your gaze to your shins or toes rather than your knees. As you inhale, straighten your back. As you exhale, melt your torso towards your legs. 

Feel free to come into a child’s pose or savasana to end off your stretches if that feels good <:


This is a great cooldown routine after a good run! <: Have fun! Namaste <3

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Cut your watermelon ~

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Living with a dog is like having a furry drunk person following you around all the time.

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SO MANY FEELS. We all started crying here…


SO MANY FEELS. We all started crying here…

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